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Fotografia representativa do CAFAP - Centro de Apoio Familiar e Aconselhamento Parental

Family Support and Parental Advice Centre

Prevent situations of risk and danger by promoting positive parenting;

Evaluate the dynamics of risk and protection in families and the possibilities for change;

Developing parenting, personal and social skills to improve the performance of the parental role;

Empowering families by promoting and reinforcing quality relational dynamics and daily routines;

Improving family interactions;

Mitigate the influence of risk factors in families, preventing situations where children and young people are separated from their natural environment;

Increase family and individual resilience;

Favour the reintegration of the child or young person into the family environment;

Strengthening the quality of the family's relations with the community, as well as identifying resources and ways of accessing them.

Fotografia representativa de uma que frequenta o Centro de Apoio Familiar e Aconselhamento Parental


The Family Support and Parental Counselling Centre (CAFAP) is a social response from AIPAR - Associação de Proteção à Rapariga e à Família (Association for the Protection of Girls and Families) that provides services and develops activities aimed at family preservation/reunification.

Area of Intervention

The geographical scope of the social response is the municipality of Faro.


CAFAP provides services and activities for families with children/young people at psychosocial risk.


The capacity of the equipment/service is 100 families. The Co-operation Agreement covers 75 families.


Families are referred to the Child and Youth Protection Commissions, Multidisciplinary Technical Advisory Teams to the Courts, as well as public and private organizations in the fields of social security, health, education and justice. Families can also ask for support on their initiative.


Under Article 8 of Ministerial Order 139/2013 of 2nd April, CAFAP includes the following types of intervention:

  • Family preservation - preventing the child or young person from being removed from their natural environment;

  • Family reunification - promoting and accompanying the return of the child or young person to their family environment, in cases of institutionalisation or foster care;

  • Family meeting point - a neutral and suitable space for maintaining or re-establishing family ties when these are broken, by promoting meetings (supervised visits/visits) between children or young people and their family members, in order to rebuild emotional ties.


9:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday, except on national and municipal holidays.


+351 963 566 674

+351 966 683 148

(Call to Portuguese mobile network)


+351 289 865 891

(Call to Portuguese fixed network)

We are available to help you with any questions you may have

Attached files

Ordinance CAFAP
CAFAP Referral Form
Cooperation Agreement
Internal Regulations
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