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Activity and Training Centre for Inclusion

Fotografia de exemplo de uma atividade realizada pelo CACI


Protection, Occupation and Inclusion

CACI is a social response centered on promoting autonomy, independent living, quality of life, personal and professional development and social inclusion. It provides people with disabilities from the municipality of Faro and/or neighboring areas with occupational and socially useful activities, valuing their abilities and needs.

Fotografia de exemplo de uma outra atividade realizada pelo CACI

Target audience

People with severe disabilities, aged 18 or over, whose abilities do not allow them, temporarily or permanently, to carry out a productive activity, as well as people with disabilities whose situation does not fall within the scope of the protected employment scheme, under the terms of the respective legislation, and who need specific support.


  • Users can enroll either in person or by sending the enrolment form (attached), together with a copy of the requested documents, to the email address indicated in the contact details, or by delivering it to the CACI offices.

  • The capacity of the equipment/service is 24 users.
    The number of users covered by the cooperation agreement is 22.

Fotografia de exemplo de uma outra atividade realizada pelo CACI


  • 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays; Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and municipal holidays.

  • The CACI also closes at other times indicated in the Rules of Procedure.

Attached files

CACI Co-operation Agreement
CACI registration form
CACI Internal Regulations
Documents required for registration




Rua Monsenhor Henrique Ferreira da Silva, nº 10 – 8005-137 Faro

+351 289 865 891

(Portuguese fixed line call)


+351 963 566 674

(call to Portuguese mobile network)


+351 927 969 553

(call to Portuguese mobile network)

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