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This project has emerged as an inclusive and socially integrating educational response for a considerable number of young people aged between 15 and 18 who have not completed the 2nd or 3rd Cycle of Basic Education.

Project objectives

  • To actively promote favorable conditions for equal opportunities for young people at risk of social exclusion or in a situation of effective social exclusion.

  • Enable young people at risk of social exclusion/in a situation of effective social exclusion to develop a skills profile that allows them to be certified with a 3rd cycle primary school diploma.

  •  Combat situations of child labor exploitation, namely in the forms considered intolerable by ILO Convention No. 182, promoting the reintegration into the school of the young people who carry it out, by integrating them into an alternative school pathway.

  • Prevent situations of child labor exploitation by integrating young people who have dropped out of school and are at risk of entering the world of work at an early age into an alternative school pathway;

  • Sensitize young people and their families to the importance of completing compulsory schooling.

  • Promoting the development of young people's personal and social skills, to encourage them to build their life projects responsibly and autonomously.

As it meet all the required conditions, the Association was invited by the Faro District Social Security Centre to establish a protocol with the Social Security Institute, I.P., regarding the "Support and Qualification Programme Measure - Integrated Education and Training Programme" (PAQPIEF), which aims to combat school drop-out and failure, while also focusing on the education of young people from problematic neighbourhoods.

The following protocols were signed:

  - PIEF commitment protocol EB 2,3 José Jesus Neves Júnior School  

  - PIEF commitment protocol EB 2,3 Poeta Emiliano da Costa School

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