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Temporary Foster Care Centre


It is a support service for young girls, involving the participation of other public and private organizations.

Foster Care

The foster care is of an urgent and transitional nature and covers young girls aged between 12 and 18.


The work carried out by CAT aims to support young women within the framework of enshrining their rights and guarantees.

Atividade realizada pelo Centro de Acolhimento Temporário

The Temporary Reception Centre was AIPAR's first social response and has been in operation since 1 June 2007.

The centre has grown over the years, supporting children, young people and families.


The work of the Technical Team at CAT - AIPAR's Temporary Foster Care Centre is based on a series of goals to be achieved.

Danger Situation

To take in young girls between the ages of 12 and 18 who are at risk or in danger.

Life Project

Define with the young person, and with the support of her family whenever possible, her life project.


Evaluate young people's needs and problems at a social, psychological, educational, health and legal level.


Provide socio-educational support appropriate to the age and personal characteristics of each young person.


Providing girls with all their basic needs.

Developing Potential

Developing young people through art, home economics, cooking meals, sanitising spaces, taking care of clothes and personal hygiene. As well as etiquette and good manners, vocational guidance and recreational/cultural activities.

Attached files

Internal Regulations

Foster Care Manual

Term of Office

Cooperation Agreement

Contact us

R. Monsenhor Henrique Ferreira da Silva, nº10 8005-137 Faro

+351 289 865 891

(Call to Portuguese fixed network)


+351 963 566 674

(Call to Portuguese mobile network)


+351 969 330 063

(Call to Portuguese mobile network)

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