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Family foster care for children and young people is a social response provided by AIPAR - Associação de Proteção à Rapariga e à Família, with a cooperation agreement signed on 4 November 2022 with the Social Security Institute, I.P.


Family foster care is of the utmost importance, as it offers children and young people the opportunity to establish a secure attachment and enjoy affection, attention and care that is suited to their specific needs, to promote the positive development of their self-image and interpersonal relationships.


This is a temporary promotion and protection measure that has been prioritised as an alternative to residential care.

Who can be taken in?

→ Children or young people between the ages of 0 and 18 (priority to children up to the age of 6);

→ With a Family Fostering measure applied by the CPCJ or the court;


→ Possibility of fostering siblings.

What is it?

Family Foster Care consists of integrating a child or young person in a situation of danger into a stable family environment whenever it is decided to separate them from their family of origin.

Who can take it in?

→ Individuals or two people who have been married or cohabiting for more than 2 years;


→ Two or more persons related by kinship and living in communion of table and household;


→ Persons who are not candidates for adoption and who are not related to the child or young person;


→ People over the age of 25 (in the case of a couple, only one of the members applies).

Relevant Documents

Decree law no. 139_2019

Ordinance no. 278 A - 2020

Law no. 147_99

Practical Guide - Family Fostering

Internal Regulations

Co-operation Agreement


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  • Associação de Proteção à Rapariga e à Família
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