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Association for the Protection of Girls and Families 

Association Timetable


Protecting and promoting the rights of young girls and supporting and empowering families, while respecting differences.


  • To be a global, pluralistic and cohesive institution, recognized as a benchmark in terms of the quality of its intervention among experts in the field, civil society and the guardianship body, assuming itself as a reference point in terms of the reception of young people in situations of danger, the qualification of its assets and the management of resources.

  • To be an institution of reference in terms of social inclusion and innovation in the field of training and participation of its target audiences, both internal and external, and seen by them as providing an adequate, inclusive and quality service.

  • To be an institution strongly involved with social, economic and cultural agents and recognized as a fundamental partner for regional, national and international development;


  • Quality of the services provided

  • Rigour, autonomy, responsibility and flexibility in management

  • Professional dedication, competence, productivity and responsibility

  • Professional ethics

  • Multidisciplinary teamwork

  • Willingness to change

The Association

AIPAR, Associação de Proteção à Rapariga e à Família, based in Faro, has been a Private Social Solidarity Institution since 1988.
Its main aim is to support young girls and families, including those in vulnerable situations due to violence or being abandoned.
Under its statutes, it can create services such as shelters and leisure activities, and promote meetings and seminars. Its mission is to protect and empower, regardless of the social, economic, ethnic, or religious status of the people it serves.

The beginning...

  • The Association was set up by a group of remarkable women, including Teresa Ramalho Ortigão, and has since offered social support to young people from all over the Algarve.

  • The institution established a network of contacts at district and national level and collaborated with the national association in Lisbon, ACISJF, to refer young women for medical treatment that was not available in the region. Initially, social support included temporary reception, layettes, job search and medical assistance.

  • Over time, it evolved into a students' home, which was funded by tuition fees from upper-middle-class young people, enabling it to take in disadvantaged girls to continue their studies. The headquarters changed over the years, finally settling on Rua Monsenhor Henrique Ferreira da Silva no. 10 in 2007, with the building financed by Social Security, Faro City Council and AIPAR itself.

Fotografia representativa do Acolhimento Familiar

Family Fostering for Children and Young People

AIPAR's Family Foster Centre for Children and Young People provides a vital opportunity to build secure bonds and promote positive development, offering affection and appropriate care.

Fotografia representativa do CACI - Centro de Atividades para Capacitação e Inclusão

Activity Centre for Training and Inclusion

AIPAR's CACI trains people with disabilities, promoting inclusion and quality of life through occupational and socially useful activities that value their abilities.


The Family Support and Parental Counselling Centre's mission is to prevent risky situations, promote parenting skills and strengthen family dynamics, with a view to the well-being of families.

Fotograifa representativa do CAFAP - Centro de Apoio Familiar e Aconselhamento Parental

Autonomisation Flat

The mission of AIPAR's "Protection in Autonomy" program is to facilitate the transition of young girls into adulthood by providing temporary accommodation and promoting the development of independent living skills.

Fotografia de um sofá do Apartamento de Autonomização
Fotografia representativa da Cantina Social

Social Canteen

As part of the Emergency Food Programme, the Social Canteen's mission is to provide daily meals for up to 100 families in the Faro municipality, helping families referred by the Social Action services of the Social Security Institute.

Atividade de Jovens do Centro de Acolhimento Temporário na AIPAR

Temporary reception centre

The (CAT) - Protection for Girls, is a centre that provides urgent and transitional care for girls aged 12 to 18, in collaboration with various public and private institutions, with the aim of ensuring their rights and guarantees.

Medal of Merit

The Municipality of Faro has decided to honor the Association for the Protection of Girls and Families with the Gold Medal of Merit.

The award ceremony took place on 7th September 2008, Faro City Day. The public ceremony occurred in the Salão Nobre of the Paços do Concelho.

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