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User Support and Social Support Office

A.L.C. and the Associação de Proteção à Rapariga e à Família (Association for the Protection of Girls and Families) have established a partnership protocol in which they propose the creation of GAU, a support, referral and information service for victims of domestic violence.

Its importance is justified not only by the increase in violence against women but also because we know that it is necessary to create support conditions for these especially vulnerable people.

The GAU is a social intervention measure included in the Mentalities Project, proposed by the Lusophone Association for the Development of Knowledge (NGDO), under Typology 7.3 - Technical and Financial Support for Non-Governmental Organisations.

Gau's objectives

  • Facilitate access to the law for victims of domestic violence;

  • Improve the information service for victims of domestic violence

  • Promote the social and professional inclusion of women victims of domestic violence;

  • Support victims of domestic violence in accessing essential goods and healthcare;

  • Promote the inclusion and well-being of victims of domestic violence;

  • Draw up a personal intervention plan for each victim.

We respect the work and intervention of each social organization, which is why we made a point of considering the opinions and suggestions of the various social organizations involved in this area within CLAS.

We asked about the greatest needs for action identified by the social organizations working in the municipality, where the GAU could establish its intervention, without obstructing or embarrassing the social work that is already being done in Faro in the field of domestic violence.

With this in mind, we tried to prioritize the following areas:

  • Working with the aggressor and the victim while they are still in a relationship, correcting behavior, citizenship, etc.

  • Individualized transport and accompaniment of the victim from their temporary home to the forensic medicine institute.

  • Clarification, information and referral to institutions after the police operation, monitoring of the situation at home.

  • Creation of a pool of volunteer translators.

       The project ended on schedule.

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