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Protection in Autonomy

Sofás no Apartamento de Autonomização

What is it?

The Autonomisation Apartment - AIPAR, "Protection in Autonomy", is a social response of the Association for the Protection of Girls and the Family, which provides services and develops activities.


  • Mediate processes of life autonomy and active participation for young people, minimizing the risks of social exclusion;

  • Develop individual follow-up and support processes at psychosocial, material, information and socio-occupational integration levels;

  • Specific training programmes aimed at developing young people's personal, social, educational and professional skills;

  • Sharing competencies with other services and promoting common areas of knowledge and practice, to establish an articulated and integrated intervention that facilitates the transition of young people to adult life.

Target audience

The purpose of the Autonomy Apartment is to provide temporary accommodation for girls aged 15 and over who have been subject to a promotion and protection measure under Law 147/99, of 1 September, namely measures defined by the application of Article 45 of that Law.

The aim is to provide the girls with conditions that will enable them to live on their own, gradually acquiring the skills they need to be independent in life.


The capacity of the equipment/service is 5 young people


Autonomisation Apartment

The admission of young people at risk or in danger must comply with the following conditions:

  • Young females aged 15 and over, with a promotion and protection measure of "support for independent living", under the scope of Law no. 147/99, of 1st September;


  • Young girls in situations of risk and/or deprivation of a suitable family environment, and the effective promotion of the rights enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child;


  • Rejection or conflict with the family or social environment, resulting in a risk of marginalization.


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Internal Regulations
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